How it Works

Pictured below is the opening screen on the app. Here, you can select an option based on whether you are the host or guest of the event.

If you are the host of the event, you will select “Register an Event.”


You will then be asked to provide the following information:


Once you have filled out the event information, you can invite people to the event via Facebook.


After you have invited all the guests and finalized the event, you can sit back and relax as your guest list is compiled for you!



If you are the guest of an event, you will be invited to the event via Facebook if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, or through the Late Date app itself if you have already downloaded it. You will select “Join an Event.”


Then, you will enter the RSVP code that the host has provided you with. After, you can view the event and scroll through the options that allow you to view the full guest list, see who people are taking as dates, or find a date for yourself using the Eligible Date Finder.


The Eligible Date Finder offers you three different options: Most Endorsed, Surprise Me, and I’m Picky. By selecting Most Endorsed, you will receive suggestions for dates who have been highly recommended in the past. If you choose Surprise Me, you will be given random suggestions for dates. However, because your safety is important to us, these suggestions aren’t completely random; they are only Facebook friends and friends of friends. Finally, selecting I’m Picky allows you to specify certain criteria about your ideal date, by filtering by network, school, interests, age, or gender.


After you have found your ideal date, you can invite him or her through the app. Now that Late Date has taken care of all the work, all you have to do is find a killer outfit.


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